Yazz Ahmed: La Saboteuse 38,00 incl. BTW


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Yazz Ahmed: La Saboteuse

Beste Jazz album van 2017, beste Jazz act 2020

“…let Ahmed take you on a beautiful journey of forward-thinking jazz compositions.” - Twistedsoul

“Even if you’re not familiar or terribly interested in jazz, Ahmed’s music deserves your attention, and she’ll most likely make you second guess your thoughts on jazz.” - Headphone Nation

Super mooi plaatje, zowel van buiten als van binnen

Voor wie houdt van Jazz met oosterse invloeden.

  1. Inhale
  2. Jamil Jamal
  3. Misophonia
  4. The Space Between The Fish and The Moon
  5. La Saboteuse
  6. Al Emadi
  7. Inspiration Expiration
  8. The Lost Pearl
  9. Bloom
  10. Belielle
  11. Whirling
  12. Organ Eternal
  13. Exhale
Auteur: Jazz

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