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Various Artists:John Armstrong Presents Afrobeat/Brasil

2 LP Gatefold

BWhether Latin, Afro, Soul, R&B, Caribbean music, reggae, jazz, funk, hip-hop, house or disco, London-based DJ John Armstrong has been mixing tasteful dance music tunes from his gigantic record collection around the globe for over three decades with great passion and a fine sense of grooves to create a flowing whole.
In between his many sets, the Brit still finds time to put together exclusive compilations like "Afrobeat Brasil". On this one, Armstrong traces the African roots of current pop music from Brazil. The compilation contains 14 songs from 2011 to 2017 that cross typical Brazilian genres such as samba or bossa with influences from Nigeria, Mali or Ethiopia.

Fortunately, the results are not simple Fela Kuti copies. The musicians, singers and rappers from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador or Porto Alegre rather use Afrobeat and other specific African styles as rhythmic blueprints into which they weave the sounds of their homeland. Many of the tracks are herewith available on vinyl for the first time.

1 André Abujamra – Origem
2 BNegão & Os Seletores De Frequência – Bass Do Tambô
3 Camarão Orkestra – Afoxé
4 Bixiga 70 – 5 Esquinas
5 Tássia Reis – Desapegada
6 Rodrigo Campos – Sou De Salvador
7 Metá Metá – Logun

1 Andre Sampaio & Os Afromandinga – Wababa
2 Trabalhos Espaciais Manuais – Farofa De Banana
3 Thiago França – Etiópia
4 Lucas Santtana – Músico
5 Ifá – Salva Dor
6 Otto Nasca – Democracia
7 Ellen Oléria – Afrofuturo (Remix)

Auteur: Afro Beat

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