Various Artists: New Horizons a Bristol Jazz Sound 27,00 incl. BTW

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Various Artists: New Horizons a Bristol Jazz Sound


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Bristolian collective, Worm Disco Club are proud to present their label Worm Discs, the collective recruit some of Bristol’s most notable emerging talent for an exploration into the new wave of Jazz emanating from the city. Featuring Waldo’s Gift, Snazzback, Run Logan Run (Montreux Jazz Talent Award winners), Ishmael Ensemble, China Bowls, BaDaBooM!, Lyrebird and Alun Elliott-Williams, 'New Horizons' channels the seismic energy of the sonically rich landscape into 11 progressive, psychedelic, impeccably crafted tracks.

The Worm Discs team explain: “The idea for this record began back in 2019. We had been curating parties in Bristol featuring jazz acts from around the UK for several years and had just hosted 'The Wormhole' at Glastonbury Festival, featuring an all-star line-up from the scene. Having always felt that Bristol’s exciting jazz scene deserved to be heard, the idea for a label was born. We wanted to showcase some individual creativity and open up a space to try something different.”

“Bristol has always had its own sound, but there’s been a new crop of young players come through over the past five years that’s revitalised the scene and expanded its expectations about what jazz music means.”

  • Andrew Neil Hayes (Run Logan Run)
Auteur: UK Jazz

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