Various Artists: Lefto presents Jazz Cats Volume 2 30,00 incl. BTW

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Various Artists: Lefto presents Jazz Cats Volume 2

2LP limited Edition, Coloured Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve

From the thrilling frenetic grooves and innovative soundscapes of Bandler Ching and the electronic influenced Stellar Legions (Andrew Claes from (STUFF.), to the jazz fusion collective LũpḁGangGang and weaving musical odyssey that is M.CHUZI, ‘Lefto presents Jazz Cats volume 2’ is a melting pot of the best musical talent coming out one of the smallest countries in Europe. In addition, there’s the beautiful unease of One Frame Movement, the laidback ‘acoustic electronica’ of Boombox Experiments, the classic funky jazz stylings of Cargo Mas and the cinematic The Brums, making ‘Lefto presents Jazz Cats volume 2’ an essential release for any jazzhead with a passion for new sounds.

  1. Stevie Qngo - Trois Hommes Dans Un Wagon
  2. Bandler Ching - Pousmousse
  3. One Frame Movement - Stokstaart
  4. Stellar Legions - Wessel
  5. LũpḁGangGang - kienda
  6. M.CHUZI - Tzatzìki 0
  7. Boombox Experiments - Miscellaneous
  8. ECHT! - Parakeet
  9. Cargo Mas feat. Mike 'Maz' Mahez - Samsara
  10. KAU trio. - Nightgrazer
  11. Schroothoop - Obsolescence Programmée
  12. Dishwasher_ - Home Cinema
  13. The Brums - Barbara
  14. TUKAN - Boréal
    15.Shungu & Mejiwahn - Mejigu
Auteur: Belgische Jazz

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