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Theon Cross: Intra-I

Theon Cross new album, Intra-I, finds the gifted tuba player and composer creating a sound system powered by breath. This unique record is an uplifting celebration of Black music that, thanks to Cross' pioneering approach, helps to redefine the sonic possibilities of the tuba. Reflecting his own heritage, the young virtuoso melds jazz with dub, hip-hop, soca, grime and other sounds connected to the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. Additionally, the record - which features Remi Graves, Shumba Maasai, Afronaut Zu, Ahnansé, Consensus and Oren Marshall - is Cross' first music to include collaborations with guest vocalists, adding a further new dimension.

  1. Intro
  2. We Go Again
  3. Roots Feat. Shumba Massai
  4. The Spiral Feat. Afronaut Zu & Ahnanse
  5. Trust the Journey
  6. 40tude
  7. Watching Over (Bless Up Dad)
  8. Forward Progression Ii
  9. Play To Win Feat. Consensus
  10. Universal Alignment Feat. Oren Marshal
Auteur: UK Jazz

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