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Theon Cross: Fyah

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"Theon Cross is bringing tuba back to jazz's center." Rolling Stone

"With 'Fyah,' Theon Cross Makes An Electric Statement From London's Jazz Underground" NPR

Voted #4 Best Jazz Album of 2019 by MOJO Magazine.

As one of the key players of the London jazz scene, Theon Cross has been dominating airwaves and stages recently. He's part of a thriving family network of young London-based musicians who have regularly supported one another in stretching and re-shaping the boundaries of the jazz genre.

Additional side-projects include performing and recording with individuals such as Makaya Mcraven, Sons of Kemet, and featuring on Gilles Peterson’s compilation album We Out Here. Within all this noise, Cross has also been leading his own trio project with Nubya Garcia and Moses Boyd. The band released an EP back in 2015 and are now following up with a full studio album, ‘Fyah’.

Cross makes the tuba his own, mixing together early New Orleans bass line influences as well as the synth soundscapes and rhythms from modern grime and trap. His innovative style brings a new dynamic to the scene as he paves the gap between more traditional jazz styles and dance music.

Musicians Theon Cross: tuba Moses Boyd: drums Nubya Garcia: tenor saxophone (Tracks 1-4, 6 & 8) Wayne Francis (Ahnansé): tenor saxophone (Tracks 5 & 7) Artie Zaitz: electric guitar (Tracks 5 & 7) Tim Doyle: percussion (Track 5) Nathaniel Cross: trombone (Track 7)

  1. Activate
  2. The Offerings
  3. Radiation
  4. Letting Go
  5. Candace Of Meroe
  6. Panda Village
  7. CIYA
  8. LDN's Burning
Auteur: UK Jazz

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