Steiger: The New Lady Llama 25,00 incl. BTW

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Steiger: The New Lady Llama

1 LP White+Blue Marbled Vinyl

Steiger is a young trio that mixes rock, classical music and electronic influences with free form and more traditional jazz styles.

On ‘The New Lady Llama’, Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy (keyboards), Kobe Boon (bass) and Simon Raman (drums) eagerly explore the outer margins of jazz and dive into other universes (contemporary music, electronica, pop, free improvisation), yet remain faithful to the genre’s long-standing core principle; that of a flexible transformation.

  1. Mazurka de la Muerte
  2. Lambda
  3. Just a Rite
  4. Slivovitsj
  5. (I cannot hear what you say) for the thunder that you are
  6. Sun Dog
  7. The New Lady Llama
  8. The Happiest Thought of my Life
  9. Absolution of a French Fry
Auteur: Belgische Jazz

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