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Shirley Scott: One For Me

The impetus for this record was a real desire for Shirley Scott to express herself more freely and create something for herself, taking back the power she’d seemingly relinquished throughout her career. Maxine Gordon, Scott’s close friend, and executive producer on the original record, expresses that they often had intimate discussions about how Scott was being told what to play, what to wear, how to look and how to speak in public for many years. Having had enough of these restrictions, she created this record to please no one but herself. As Scott expresses on the back of the original LP sleeve:

“All of the music recorded in this album is both personal and very purposeful to me, because it is the first step toward honesty about what and how I want to play. I’ve done a lot of other albums, a lot of different ways for a lot of different people and now, with the help of the Creator, in whom all things are possible, I have done one for me too.”

  1. What Makes Harold Sing?
  2. Keep On Movin' On
  3. Do You Know A Good Thing When You See One?
  4. Big George
  5. Don't Look Back
Auteur: Classic Jazz

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