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Sault: Untitled (Rise)

2LP Nog een favoriet plaatje van Koen

UNTITLED (Rise) is a more upbeat album this time around, a collection of disco-infused R&B and live funk. There’s a carnival mood on ‘I Just Want To Dance’ orchestral disco-funk on ‘Street Fighter’, house-boogie on ‘Fearless’, easy listening boogie of ‘Son Shine’, Gil Scott Heron-esque soulful protest music on ‘The Beginning & The End’.

It’s a remarkable followup to a brilliant album mere weeks after its release, fusing modern soul, disco and funk with escapist abandon that while it tries to divert temporarily from the pertinent and current struggle of black people, it cannot help but permeate the album. ‘Uncomfortable’ lays it bare and direct – “why do you keep shooting us?”

Change is happening… We are focused. SAULT xx

  1. Strong
  2. Fearless
  3. Rise
  4. I Just Want to Dance
  5. Street Fighter
  6. Son Shine
  7. Rise Intently
  8. The Beginning & the End
  9. Free
  10. You Know It Ain't
  11. Uncomfortable
  12. No Black Violins in London
  13. Scary Times
  14. The Black & Gold
  15. Little Boy
Auteur: Funk

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