Psyco On Da Bus: Psyco On Da Bus Feat Tony Allen 35,00 incl. BTW

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Psyco On Da Bus: Psyco On Da Bus Feat Tony Allen

Psyco on da Bus is a collaboration with French based hiphop producer/ scientist Doctor L and Tony Allen. Together they are working to redefine Afrobeat for a new generation, incorporating sounds that move between hiphop, drum n’ bass, funk, dub and psychedelic rock. “Younger people are coming into (Afrobeat) right now. And I personally don't want to be past, I want to be future. Young people like hiphop, and techno, which is what I must think about. It's the direction I want to take. It's an experiment I've wanted to try. That's why I wanted Doctor L to produce the album.” This album has been made during the 2000 Black Voices album US tour in hotel rooms and tour Bus with the band members, uncluding Tony Allen, Doctor L, Jean Phi Dary, Jeff Kellner and Cesar Anot.

  1. Afropusher
  2. Never Satisfied
  3. Many Questions
  4. K.I.S. Compatible
  5. Pictures Talk
  6. Hand Full of Sands
  7. Push Your Mind
  8. Time to Take a Rest Suite (part I)
  9. Time to Take a Rest Suite (part II)
  10. Time to Take a Rest Suite (part III)
Auteur: Afro Beat

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