Poppy Ackroyd: Klavierwerke - "Pause" 23,00 incl. BTW

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Poppy Ackroyd: Klavierwerke - "Pause"

1 LP 180 gr

Poppy Ackroyd has regularly released works that explore the sound worlds of the piano in new ways since 2012. The English composer's new release "Pause" is a collection of 10 solo piano works. Here she has used an extended technique and played with sounds from within the instrument. However, it was important to her that each track of the album can be played with only two hands on the piano which gives the recordings an intended lightness.

Playing is done with both hands inside the piano - one hand tapping firmly on the strings or on the inside of the piano dampers and the other plucking the strings or the hands are split with one playing the keys and the other working the inside of the piano. Each piece of 'Pause' is captivating and ambitious as a single story, but in its entirety creates a flawless snapshot reflecting a multitude of layers and does so with magnificent, poetic clarity.

1: Seedling
2: Suspended
3: Murmurations
4: Pause
5: Release
6: Muted
7: Impulse
8: Stillness
9: Flutter
10: Unravel

Auteur: Neo Classic

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