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Pauwel: Pauwel EP

EP Groene vinyl Limited Edition 300 stuks

Pauwel’s first EP on Unday Records is a turning point. He wrote the five songs during the darkest days of his life and is now ready to leave them behind. Pauwel straightens his back and gets ready for a new chapter.

Not too long ago, Pauwel quit playing music altogether. He went through rough times, had to say goodbye to his mother, and in his darkest hour he decided to let go of his musical ambitions. Not much later he had to reconsider. Music helps him to overcome tribulations and ease the turmoil in his head. He decided to translate his misfortune and doubts into new music.

The songs he shared in recent months suddenly reached a lot of people, Pauwel continued writing with renewed courage, his songs sound more intense and more urgent than ever. About the forests he grew up in. About his childhood friend Molly, about the relationship with his parents, about letting go and saying goodbye. Pauwel always departs from his own experiences and memories. He still dwells through the woods with his dogs, building tree houses, collecting stories and artifacts.

First single Waves opened the door to a record deal with Unday Records (Trixie Whitley Millionaire, Het Zesde Metaal), single Molly got 100k streams out of nowhere, the self-titled EP that follows heralds a new chapter. It is time to tell Pauwel's story outright.

A1. Witches A2. OMG B1. Waves B2. Molly B3. July

Auteur: Alternative

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