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Max Richter: The Blue Notebooks

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Deutsche Grammophon presents an expanded new edition of Max Richter's "The Blue Notebooks" to mark the 15th anniversary of the work's creation. Richter recorded the work in just three hours. But the album became a cult classic, then a trendsetter, and finally a standard-setting masterpiece. It paved the way for an entire generation of successful young composers. It was accessed millions of times on Spotify and even used frequently in commercials, television shows and movies. What is quite common today was revolutionary at the time - Richter was one of the first to combine classical and electronic elements with post-rock perspectives with "The Blue Notebooks"

Bonus material includes new and unreleased songs and remixes. Meaningful textures, subsequently added sounds and the ASMR triggering crystal clear recording of actress Tilda Swinton's readings create a highly immersive atmosphere.

"The Blue Notebooks" was carefully conceived as "a meditation on violence and its consequences, inspired by the - imminent - Iraq war and my own experiences," says Max Richter.

  1. The Blue Notebooks
  2. On the Nature of Daylight
  3. Horizon Variations
  4. Shadow Journal
  5. Iconography
  6. Vladimirs Blues
  7. Arboretum
  8. Old Song
  9. Organum
  10. The Trees
  11. Written On the Sky
  • 2 -
  1. A Catalogue of Afternoons (Previously Unreleased Recording)
  2. On the Nature of Daylight (Orchestral Version)
  3. Vladimirs Blues 2018 (New Arrangement, Recorded At Air Studio)
  4. On the Nature of Daylight (Entropy) (New Arrangement, Recorded At Air Studio)
  5. Vladimirs Blues (Jlin Remix)
  6. Iconography (Konx-Om-Pax Remix)
Auteur: Neo Classic

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