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Mammal Hands: Captured Spirits

LTD clear vinyl

Mammal Hands are pleased to announce the release of their highly anticipated fourth album ‘Captured Spirits’, released 11th September. Consisting of saxophonist Jordan Smart, pianist Nick Smart and drummer and tabla player Jesse Barrett, the trio have forged a growing reputation for their hypnotic fusion of jazz and electronica and have recieved glowing recommendations from the likes of The Guardian and Gilles Peterson. Drawing on their love of electronic, contemporary classical, world, folk and jazz music, Mammal Hands take in influences including Pharoah Sanders, Gétachèw Mekurya, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Sirishkumar Manji.

Forming in Norwich in 2012, brothers Nick and Jordan along with Jesse, developed their distinctive and polished sound with their meteoric live shows and release of three critically acclaimed albums: ‘Animalia’ (2014), ‘Floa’ (2016) and ‘Shadow Work (2017). Landmark live performances have included shows at The Roundhouse London, the main stage at Field Day Festival, La Cigale Paris, Montreal Jazz Festival, Hamburg Elb Jazz, Athens Technopolis and Unit Tokyo.

A 1. Ithaca - Mammal Hands 2. Chaser - Mammal Hands 3. Late Bloomer - Mammal Hands 4. Versus Shapes - Mammal Hands 5. Spiral Stair - Mammal Hands

B 6. Floating World - Mammal Hands 7. Riddle - Mammal Hands 8. Rhizome - Mammal Hands 9. Shoreless - Mammal Hands 10. Into Sparks - Mammal Hands 11. Little One - Mammal Hands

Auteur: UK Jazz

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