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Lara Rosseel: Hert

'Hert' is an album created by 5 people who share the same passion for sound, groove and atmosphere. It's the second album of Lara Rosseel and successor to the critically acclaimed record 'De Grote Vrouw' (2020). Like the deer to which the Dutch album title refers, this album frolics from one experience to another. It's a game of intuitive musical experimentation, an unknown adventure where gut feeling is paramount. The music reflects a connection between two poles: ethereal soft gracefulness is contrasted with firm groundedness. Compelling, decisive and unique.

  1. Dauw
  2. Fishes Dishes
  3. Without Water
  4. Andrew
  5. It's Done
  6. Sajarana
  7. A l'Ouest
  8. Memory
Auteur: Belgische Jazz

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