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Greg Foat: Symphonie Pacifique

The album is a truly international collaboration, recorded analogue and produced by Greg Foat at London’s Fish Factory studios with strings recorded in Edinburgh and choir in Gothenburg. The album was mixed by Mattias Glava at Kungsten Studios in Gothenburg. Cover artwork is based on a painting by early 20th Century Algerian / Parisian artist Henry Valensi.

  • 1 -

    1. Prelude
    2. Symphonie Pacifique
    3. Undulation
    4. Anticipation
    5. Mu
    6. Yonaguni
    7. Island Life
    8. Nikinakinu
    9. Man Vs. Machine

    • - 2 -

    1. Before the Storm
    2. After the Storm
    3. Meditation On a Pedal Steel
    4. Lament For Lamont
    5. Pointe-Venus
    6. Mother's Love
    7. Epilogue: Three Tenors
Auteur: UK Jazz

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