Federico Albanese: Before And Now Seems Infinite 28,00 incl. BTW

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Federico Albanese: Before And Now Seems Infinite

1 LP 180 gr Gatefold cover

The music was inspired by Albanese's father. "In appearance, maybe not a quiet man, but he had a reserved side that I never really understood or saw. We all have multiple personalities, some on the surface and some hidden. My father was like that, or at least that's how my mind has chosen to remember him. The structure of the piece embodies this idea, with several layers, some more melodic, others more obsessive." - Federico Albanese

When I listened to the instrumental that Federico had sent me, I was seized by a feeling of nostalgia, that strange in-between where you can't be sure if it's a dream or a faded memory. I tried to capture that feeling and expand on it with the melody and lyrics, without losing the magical sense of space and intrigue that was already there. - Marika Hackman

  1. The Vine
  2. Was There a Time
  3. The Quiet Man
  4. We Hold the Moonlight
  5. Teodora and Her Mysteries
  6. Summerside
  7. March
  8. Sand and Castles
  9. Unicorn
  10. Feel Again
  11. Before and Now
Auteur: Neo Classic

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