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El Michels Affair: Abominable

** A collection of unreleased tracks, alternative takes and instrumentals from the "Yeti Season" recording sessions.**

El Michels Affair blend of her signature cinematic soul sound with influences from Turki's funk and the grittiest Bollywood soundtracks resulted in an instant classic that The Fader calls "a carnival of dusty funk and soul." The EP opens with the unreleased gem "Messy Grass," whose synth intro, peppered with distant yeti calls, gives way to a massive backing track over which Tamer Pinarbasis dances qanun. On "Cham Cham," EMA once again asks Piya Malik to step up to the mic to lay her stylish narrative vocals over the instrumental of Yeti Season's "Perfect Harmony." Vocals have been added to some tracks on the EP and removed from others to allow the band to take center stage; "Poison Song," "Uncut Gem," "Smoked," and "Progress" are all instrumental, giving them a very different energy than the vocal versions.

The EP is released with two different covers, each featuring two paintings by different Ghanaian Mobile Cinema artists, commissioned by Chicago's Deadly Prey Gallery, which are interpretations of the original album artwork. One version consists of paintings by Stoger and Heavy J, who also painted the cover of the album "Return To The 37th Chamber". The other version of the cover consists of two paintings by Teshie and Farkira.

A1 Messy Grass
A2 Cham Cham
A3 Poison Song
A4 Uncut Gem
A5 Idhar Udhar
B1 Smoked
B2 Progress
B3 Running Hot
B4 Nasir

Auteur: Funk

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