De Beren Gieren: Less Is Endless 28,00 incl. BTW

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De Beren Gieren: Less Is Endless

1LP Limited Coloured Turquoise Vinyl

Known for their dynamic sound and complex song structures, De Beren Gieren deliver an extravagant blend of polyrhythmic soundscapes and elitist twists, showing an ability to change mood in a way that constantly holds the listener’s attention. They effortlessly shift from more rigidly styled compositions to improvised sections and thus reveal the pulsating and ominous futuristic sound of a new world.

Produced by Dijf Sanders and Frederik Segers, ‘Less Is Endless’ is an ode to a universe teeming with life. Seen as an extension to the critically acclaimed 2017 album ‘Dug Out Skyscrapers’, it searches for vents through which life can emerge and evolve. The secret of communicating creativity can be found in the cultivation of the unfinished; the missing piece of the puzzle tickles the imagination more than the perfect end result.

  1. A Funny Discovery
  2. Less Is Endless
  3. Animalcules
  4. Guggenheim House
  5. Stress Als Optie
  6. Tuin
  7. Gentse Leugentjes
  8. Moments Never A Moment
  9. A Random Walk
Auteur: Belgische Jazz

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