Bram Weijters Crazy Men: The Return 25,00 incl. BTW

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Bram Weijters Crazy Men: The Return

1LP Standard Black Vinyl

Bram Weijters' Crazy Men is a thrilling take on Belgian jazz-rock and fusion from the 1970s. Consisting of musicians from a wide array of contemporary jazz bands including Lucid Lucia (ex BRZZVLL), Dans Dans, STUFF. and Cargo Mas, the ensemble is led by Antwerp based piano and keyboard player, Bram Weijters.

  1. The Beginning
  2. Nineteen Seventy Fourths
  3. The Silver Eye
  4. Pathetic Sounds
  5. The Silver End
  6. Planes (intro)
  7. Objíždka
  8. Planes
  9. Carol
  10. Nasca
  11. Transvested Express / Postaeolian Train Robbery
  12. Chiang Mai
  13. Chief Of Freen Bean / Oh Boy
  14. Reine De La Vallée
Auteur: Belgische Jazz

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